The Divorce Diet

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Yes, it’s a thing. So, it’s not the trendy South Beach Diet, but yes, it’s a thing and it works at dropping those pounds, but not in a good way.

The level of stress you go through during a divorce has horrible effects on your weight, your skin, your hair, your outlook and your ability to make smart decisions.

You will most likely lose weight. Every woman getting a divorce in my neighborhood went through it. I got down to 98 lbs. I haven’t been 98 lbs since my freshman year in high school by the way. It wasn’t a ‘Wow, I look fabulous’ weight. It was my other girlfriends saying, ‘Here, eat a cheeseburger’ weight and maybe some fries and a milkshake to go with that.

Please remember to eat and love yourself (not in the Justin Beiber way).

Eating well is important during this time. Your brain needs fuel to be able to make those decisions your lawyer wants you to make. Find something that’s easy because if you have to make a big meal for just yourself, you probably won’t do it.

I grab a rotisserie chicken from HEB, throw some raw greens and carrots on a plate and call it good (because it’s easy and I’m lazy when I don’t have my kids). I snack on blueberries and yogurt and end up eating throughout the day. It keeps my energy up, my weight at a healthy level and allows me to splurge on really delicious food when I want to.