Why Don’t You Be You and You’ll Meet Shiny Happy People

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One of the most frequent questions I get is, “Where do you meet people?”

My answer sounds flip, but it isn’t. I meet people everywhere I go: the grocery store, the gas station, out, shopping, having dinner, etc. It’s mainly guys asking for my number, giving me a compliment, or just striking up a conversation, but I also meet other women who just want to chat.

In a world where so much of our communication is digital, that face-to-face becomes so much more critical. You can have an instant rapport with someone when they see your face, your body language and can hear your voice. I think people crave that and don’t even know it. But, I digress.

I highly recommend just going about your daily life. I love meeting people who are doing the same things I’m doing. Think about what you love doing and go do it. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Is there something you gave up a long time ago and want to get back into?

I like meeting people organically and love getting to know others. Learning about their perspectives broadens mine. Everyday is an opportunity to grow and learn. I believe that the people who are supposed to be in your life will come. Sometimes, they are only meant to pass through, but some are meant to stay awhile.

I know, I know. That really isn’t what you want to hear. You want to go out and meet people now. So, the place I love the most is Rock Rose. It’s really hoppin’ on the weekends and a place I feel comfortable enough to pop in solo after some shopping. The crowd there is more my speed and everyone wants to talk.

If you’re with the girls and y’all want to hang, or you just want a more laid back atmosphere, I still like Kona, the Park and the places on that side of the Domain. It’s a bit a quieter so you can have a good conversation, but still busy enough to meet people.

I also have several girlfriends who love going to Mavericks or Wild West. I’ll go with them occasionally, but it’s really not my scene and I get tired of 20-year-olds hitting on me. With a big group of friends it can be a lot of fun though and you definitely meet a lot of people.

For a group of girls during the summer or nice weather, I like Wagner’s, Uncle Gary’s (both in Pflugerville) and Lone Star Grille in Cedar Park. They all have live music and an outdoor area where it’s nice to chill. People are very friendly there too.

There are also tons of other places I like, but that should get you started.

I say go where you feel comfortable and the most authentic you. People like you will be there too and that’s where you’ll connect. And it’s always easier to connect over common interests. You’ll also get a wider variety of personalities. Shy guys don’t come up to you at a gas station or grocery store, cuz well, they’re shy.