Rumor Has It

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I think Adele may have a song for every occasion.

Going through a breakup or a divorce is inexplicably difficult and unless you’ve personally experienced one, it’s nearly impossible to truly understand the stages of healing and the challenges presented.
One of these challenges is experiencing it under the glaring eye of gossiping neighbors and acquaintances that stalk your Facebook page trying to dissect your every move and then discuss it as if they’re your best friend.

I know this happens because the lives of my friends who have recently divorced often come up in conversation, as if this is something I have a desire to discuss. I’m positive this means that my divorce and love life are discussed behind my back. Very few of these people will actually go to the source and ask how the person is doing, they prefer to get their information third hand from a friend of a friend.

More than likely the person being discussed would love for you to reach out to them and share your genuine concern for their well-being. Instead, a game of telephone ensues with inaccurate information and half-truths spread around the town. People don’t realize the impact they have on influencing other people’s opinions.

In most cases, there are children involved that can hear rumblings on the playground of what they heard in their own kitchens over family dinner. Perhaps their own insecurities or lack of excitement in their lives leaves them with nothing better to talk about, until the next divorce happens.

Believe me, those of us that have been through these tough times would love to post as our status:  “Yes, I’m divorced. Yes, it’s difficult and it sucks. My family has had struggles, but we’re going to be just fine. If you have questions, please ask me directly!”

You will never be able to control what people say about you or combat rumors and misinformation. You can only live your life to the fullest and only concern yourself with the true and genuine people that have proven their steadfast friendship over time.

Sometimes you will get burned by people you trusted. Unfortunately this is the reality of any relationship. People are human and will inevitably hurt one another and won’t always share your morals and values.
In the end, these situations only make us stronger, more empathetic and dedicated to those we care about.