I Just Keep On Dancing

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I truly believe that the majority of people are trying to do the right thing to accomplish what they believe is in the best interest of everyone.

I also know that everyone has a different perspective. A childhood friend and I were talking yesterday about a situation I’m navigating. He related it to lesson he learned from his wife. When a pigeon poops on your car, you don’t get mad at the pigeon. The pigeon is just being a pigeon and going about pigeon business. So, the next time someone poops on you (hopefully just figuratively) remember, they’re just being a pigeon. Most likely, they mean no harm.

It also helps because sometimes I feel sad and exhausted from all of it. That also sucks, because I like to smile and laugh and love making others do the same. But I’ve also learned that it’s a lot healthier for me to sometimes cry, to be sad, to let it out and to be outraged by the unfairness of it all.

After I’m done with that, I just turn on some nice tunes, find my center again, thank God for all that I have, hug my boys, remember that pigeons are just pigeons and I keep on walking and dancing. Eventually these thunderstorms will pass (and with any luck the pigeons will migrate to other areas).

Song: “Keep On Dancin'” Ellie Goulding