Ten Hangover Cures

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This topic has been requested. So, I got together with my friends and we made a top ten list just in time for the weekend. Fair warning, I have not tried all of these, but some of my friends swear by them so here we go.

    1. Go one for one. One glass of water to one glass of alcohol. This totally works.
    2. Talk to the bartender at the beginning of the night and ask him to give you water and lime when you ask for vodka. I’m told this is good if you’re out with clients and don’t want to seem like a lightweight. (I totally don’t care. I am a light weight. I own that. I weigh 100 lbs, get over it cuz I can’t keep up with you. But, I digress.)
    3. Take two Dramamine and two Ibuprofen before you go to bed and viola, no hangover. FYI – there are warnings about mixing Ibuprofen and alcohol.
    4. Hair of the dog (i.e. Bloody Mary, Poinsetta, Mimosa). Just the thought of this makes me want to puke, but whatever.
    5. Run and sweat it out. It sucks but it totally works.
    6. Sex. Um, okay. I guess it’s the same concept as running??
    7. Greasy food (a la Hut’s, In and Out) Now I’m hungry.
  1. Take six Chlorella a day and you won’t get hangovers. I still don’t quite get this one, but okay.
  2. Pickle juice
  3. Milk. Also makes me want to vomit.

There you have it! Have fun and be safe.