Rose Room Exudes Energy

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I’m loving this place. The dance floor packs them in like sardines with a DJ that keeps you going all night. Pair that with a cool light show and the place is hoppin’. If you get thirsty, there’s a bar on either side with bartenders who can help you out with just about anything you can think of. And, if you need to cool off, you can people watch from the second or third floor balconies.

Despite the crowd, my girlfriends and I were able to make a little circle on the outside of the dance floor to get our grove on. The circle collapsed now and again with everyone pressed together, but people move on and off the dance floor. One of my friends couldn’t believe this great of a night club was in North Austin.

After awhile, we wanted a break. There’s a door that leads to 77 Degrees, the rooftop bar next door, which is pretty darn cool and a totally different vibe.

Tips for not getting your butt grabbed:

So, one of my friends danced on the inside of our circle most of the night and her butt saw a lot of unwanted action.

  1. Keep your booty pointed to the outside edge/stage/DJ
  2. Don’t stop moving

​Yes, that means some of your friends takes one for the team, but it’s not you. Of course, that didn’t stop a guy from grabbing my ring hand to see if I was married, but hey, you pick your battles.

What is it with guys grabbing women now anyway? Do you think that’s going to go over well? What happened to hands off?