Fantastic Friends, Food and Fun for Labor Day

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Austin really is one of the best places to be single and the offerings for Labor Day weekend didn’t disappoint. You can’t beat hanging with friends, some yummy grilled food and good vibes, but if you want to get out, Geraldine’s at the VanZandt continues to make me swoon with their delicious dishes like the roasted quail and grilled squash with yummy cocktails and the almond tart, fun live music and beautiful views of downtown out by the pool. The Lustre Pearl is a fun place to get your groove on (or be a dork like me), play some fun outdoor games, quench your thirst with some yummy drinks and of course people watching there and on Rainey is hilarious. My favorite place for catching a football game is still Lavaca Street Bar while munching on their quesadillas and my signature martini. Oh, and their gumbo is gooooood, bartenders are magicians and the crowd is always fun.

Geraldine’s speciality cocktail One Night in Bangkok.
Geraldine’s roasted quail – so yum I licked the plate!
Geraldine’s grilled squash paired with pecans and just some yummy goodness.
Geraldine’s almond tart. Why do I have to share?
A borrowed hat and a photo bomber to dance the night away at the Lustre Pearl!
Lavaca Street Bar’s chicken quesadilla which is big enough to split. My martini? not so much

Your Next Photographer/Videographer

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If you need a photographer, this guy is the bomb. You know when you can communicate with a friend with just gestures and your eyes and they just get you? That’s these guys. Sure, we had conversations about what I was looking for during our industry conference, but sometimes all of the different shots you’re looking for don’t get communicated.

These guys delivered and then some. They captured our conference, socials, networking, fundraising, auctions and trade show in a beautiful way which, let’s be real, is hard to do. What they do with fun events is amazing.

So, if you’re in need a photographer or videographer for a wedding, birthday, (any celebration really), corporate event, check these guys out.

Plus, Greg can really cut up a dance floor: BONUS!

Check him out:

Need a videographer? I’ve already posted about him, but Zac does an amazing job at Double Z Productions

Everybody Just Have a Good Time in Austin

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There is so much to do in and around Austin for a single person. It’s an incredible playground full of fun.

During the month I didn’t have my kids, I explored. I promised myself when I was going through my horrific separation and divorce that I would try new things. I read, I ran, I wrote, I went out with friends, I dated, I shopped, I talked to my kids, I met knew people, I decorated my house and relaxed.

Thank you to all of my friends (and friends of friends) who helped make the summer truly memorable.

Here are some of my favorites:

Go to a concert and meet the band

Twenty One Pilots, Mute Math and Chef’s Special concert was incredible at Circuit of the Americas.

There’s tons of concerts every weekend.

Go to a concert and dance onstage with your friends

​We rented a party bus and went to the 90s concert at the Cedar Park Center. SO MUCH FUN!

Eat delicious food

La Condesa is so very good and they make a great Sangria.

Uchi, Odd Duck, Lick’s Ice Cream, Geraldine’s… There’s so much good food in Austin.


The Rose Room is my fav right now. But there’s tons of places if that isn’t your thing.

Go to a Grand Opening and Give to Charity

Hanover’s 2.0 Grand Opening was tons of fun with a special performance by my friend’s children, Suede, yummy food and drinks, great service and hilarious friends.

They offer table service.

Celebrate friends

We celebrate everyone’s birthday and have a large group, so there’s always a party somewhere. Make your friend feel special with a great night or day out: Wine Tour, Wagner’s Backyard, Cover 3, Jack Allen’s, a stay in a downtown hotel, Hanover’s, etc., etc., etc. LOTS of OPTIONS!

Fourth of July weekend celebrations

Rooftop bar (love Geraldine’s)
Round Rock Express (game then fireworks – bonus!)
City of Leander (live music, great people watching, what’s not to love?)

Next year – SUP
​Note: make reservations early

Splash in the Puddles and Walk in the Rain

It finally rained. Downtown was completely deserted and so pretty! Made for a great stroll with the lights reflecting off the water.

Go to a Wedding – Celebrate Love

Friends had their after party at Cedar Street Courtyard! GREAT IDEA! Band was funky and so funny.

Baseball Games

The season is almost over, but there’s still time to catch a game. It’s a great way to relax with friends and family.

Horseshoe Bay

Excellent place for adults! There’s plenty of space to park your rear in the sand (sun and shade) and relax around the lake with lakeside drink service. Horseshoe Bay offers a marina with boat and jet ski rentals (so much fun), tons of pools with music and bars nearby, tennis, mini golf, yummy restaurants, etc. etc.

Up Next:
Trapeze lessons, football games and whatever I can get into. 🙂 Life is an adventure – go get it!

Rose Room Exudes Energy

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I’m loving this place. The dance floor packs them in like sardines with a DJ that keeps you going all night. Pair that with a cool light show and the place is hoppin’. If you get thirsty, there’s a bar on either side with bartenders who can help you out with just about anything you can think of. And, if you need to cool off, you can people watch from the second or third floor balconies.

Despite the crowd, my girlfriends and I were able to make a little circle on the outside of the dance floor to get our grove on. The circle collapsed now and again with everyone pressed together, but people move on and off the dance floor. One of my friends couldn’t believe this great of a night club was in North Austin.

After awhile, we wanted a break. There’s a door that leads to 77 Degrees, the rooftop bar next door, which is pretty darn cool and a totally different vibe.

Tips for not getting your butt grabbed:

So, one of my friends danced on the inside of our circle most of the night and her butt saw a lot of unwanted action.

  1. Keep your booty pointed to the outside edge/stage/DJ
  2. Don’t stop moving

​Yes, that means some of your friends takes one for the team, but it’s not you. Of course, that didn’t stop a guy from grabbing my ring hand to see if I was married, but hey, you pick your battles.

What is it with guys grabbing women now anyway? Do you think that’s going to go over well? What happened to hands off?

Ten Hangover Cures

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This topic has been requested. So, I got together with my friends and we made a top ten list just in time for the weekend. Fair warning, I have not tried all of these, but some of my friends swear by them so here we go.

    1. Go one for one. One glass of water to one glass of alcohol. This totally works.
    2. Talk to the bartender at the beginning of the night and ask him to give you water and lime when you ask for vodka. I’m told this is good if you’re out with clients and don’t want to seem like a lightweight. (I totally don’t care. I am a light weight. I own that. I weigh 100 lbs, get over it cuz I can’t keep up with you. But, I digress.)
    3. Take two Dramamine and two Ibuprofen before you go to bed and viola, no hangover. FYI – there are warnings about mixing Ibuprofen and alcohol.
    4. Hair of the dog (i.e. Bloody Mary, Poinsetta, Mimosa). Just the thought of this makes me want to puke, but whatever.
    5. Run and sweat it out. It sucks but it totally works.
    6. Sex. Um, okay. I guess it’s the same concept as running??
    7. Greasy food (a la Hut’s, In and Out) Now I’m hungry.
  1. Take six Chlorella a day and you won’t get hangovers. I still don’t quite get this one, but okay.
  2. Pickle juice
  3. Milk. Also makes me want to vomit.

There you have it! Have fun and be safe.

Feed me

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They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, but honestly I think it works for women too.

Guys, if you want to impress a woman (or maybe this is just me) take her to a place where she has an emotional experience.

The Odd Duck is a great place to do just this. The food is AH-mazing. Each farm-to-market dish was a whole new experience. But when the dessert came, I had to refrain from scraping the plate clean. The only thing that stopped me was that it was a first date. My ingrained impulse to be polite and mannerly (along with my grandmother’s voice in my head) was being overridden by an intense desire to eat every single bite. I wanted to pick up that plate and lick it clean.​ Even though I’d known him for years, I maintained my composure and shared (even though he probably would’ve just laughed at me if I hadn’t).

APPLE. BUTTER. CAKE. Try it if it’s still on the menu (the chef likes to change things up fairly frequently). You’ll thank me later.