Looking for places to go? We’ve got you.

Jack and Gingers Irish Pub

This very busy place has a delicious looking menu that I’m excited to check out. The nice girl in the background hooked me up with one of my favorite cookies, thin mints, in a glass as an appetizer to their Bourbon Bananas Foster (soooo yum!).

Bourbon Bananas Foster







With a respectable crowd on weeknights and people overflowing on the patio and inside on the weekends, this is a great place rub elbows. And with GUINNESS BATTERED FISH & CHIPS, HAND-ROLLED PIGS IN A BLANKET, and DIRTY WAFFLE FRIES what’s not to love?

Rose Room Exudes Energy

I’m loving this place. The dance floor packs them in like sardines with a DJ that keeps you going all night. Pair that with a cool light show and the place is hoppin’. If you get thirsty, there’s a bar on either side that can help you out with just about anything you can think of. And, if you need to cool off, you can people watch from the second or third floor balconies. There’s also a door that opens to 77 Degrees, the rooftop bar next door, which is pretty darn cool and a totally different vibe to take a break.